Shabbaton in Yamanakako with Chabad Tokyo

Shabbaton in Yamanakako with Chabad Tokyo



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This past Shabbat, we had our 2nd annual Shabbaton, in Yamanaka ko, near Mt.Fuji.
Each family stayed in bungalows that were spread between a beautiful forest. The main Hall, where the prayers and meals were held, was a very big wooden house, overlooking a beautiful landscape, with a second floor, where the kids played.
Throughout Shabbat, there was singing and happiness, Torah learning, words of inspiration, talking together, and great food.
It was a wonderful experience. There was a great atmosphere being together with many other people in a feeling of unity and friendship, a whole shabbat, in the nature.
While the adults prayed in the minyan, the children heard stories played games.
Right after Shabbat, there was a fantastic BBQ, and the Chabad House Kosher Chickens were served.
On Sunday morning, there was an exercise class people enjoyed, given by Liane and Aki. Everyone heard the Shofar blowing, ate breakfast, prepared lunch, and went to enjoy the area.
All of the participants were very moved, and asked to organize more of such events and trips.
A key point in the Shabbaton was the organization and logistics. Everything was brought from the Chabad House in Tokyo, starting from the prayer books, to the food, the BBQ, games and books for the kids, all the equipment necessary to cook, and the Torah Scroll.
With G-d’s help we plan to make more such Shabbatons, as it greatly adds to the unity, and greatly impacts every participant, young and old alike.
Hopefully this Shabbat we will celebrate in the 3rd Temple with Moshiach now!
Special thanks to Kobayashi san and Hitomi for their incredible help in organizing the Shabbaton.

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