Rosh Hashana 5770

Rosh Hashana 5770


Rosh Hashana
Friday evening, September 18
at 6:30 pm
at the Il Barbero Restaurant

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Ishimitsu Shoji Bldg 1F
1-4-6 Sanno, Ota-ku, Tokyo

closest station
Omori station
JR Keihin Tohoku Line
West exit

1st day Rosh Hashana
Saturday, September 19,
at Chabad House
Services at 10:00 am, followed by festive Holiday meal.

Rosh Hashana 2nd evening,
Saturday evening, at 7:00 pm
at Chabad House

2nd day Rosh Hashana
Sunday, September 20,
at Chabad House
services at 10:00 am
Blowing of the Shofar at
followed by Holiday meal.

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