Kosher Chicken in Tokyo Japan

Kosher Chicken in Tokyo Japan

kosher chicken In Japan

kosher chicken In Tokyo

As a preparation for the High Holidays, Chabad of Japan, with the help of G-d, organized kosher slaughtering this week. This makes kosher poultry readily available and very fresh. It is a project that takes a lot of preparation, time and energy but well worth it.

This Shechita is one of the many Shechita rounds that we have done throughout the years. We were privileged to have Rabbi Yehuda Benshimon, the shochet (ritual slaughterer), come from N.Y. to do the slaughtering.

The shochet commented that the chickens in Japan are much healthier than the chickens in any other country that he slaughtered. Maybe it is thanks to the sushi and green tea that the chickens are fed.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Rabbi Benshimon for all this efforts beyond the call of duty, and may Hashem bless him and his family with all the brachot.
Our great appreciation for Daniel Moscovitch’s constant help and devotion, to make this shechita possible. He came all the way from Kyoto to be part of this mitzvah.
A great big thank you to Kobayashi san, who gave so much of his time, wholeheartedly.
Thank you to all the generous people who gave Tzedaka to make this Shechita possible.
Thank you Hashem, for giving us the strength and stamina to do more and more good, purifying and elevating Japan. Hopefully this Shabbat, we will celebrate in the 3rd Temple, with Kobe Beef!

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