About us ,אודותנו

About us ,אודותנו

Edery Family summer 2015

Chabad Tokyo Jewish community center of Tokyo Japan

Almost in every point in the world, you will find a local Chabad House center. The Chabad House serves as a lamplighter, for all people, Jews and non-Jews. The goal of the chabad House is to spread acts of goodness and kindness, and help people materially and spiritually.

Over 50 years ago, when the Lubavitcher Rebbe King Moshiach, became the 7th Rebbe, in the Lubavitcher Rebbes dynasty, he emphasized that our generation is” the last generation of exile and the first generation of the Redemption”. The purpose of our generation is to prepare the world for the imminent coming of Moshiach. The Rebbe cares and is concerned about every human being. That is why the Rebbe sent his emissaries, to the farthest reaching corners of the world.

In December 1999, Rabbi Binyomin Y. Edery received a blessing from the Lubavitcher Rebbe King Moshiach to open the first Chabad Tokyo Japan.
The Rebbe wrote: ’’in these days of Chanuka, when the spiritual and G-dly was victorious over the material, we have the power to spread forth G-dliness, Judaism and good deeds.
Now that you are going during these days of Chanuka, to a place of spiritual darkness, it is appropriate to spread the wellsprings of chassidut, especially in such a place. May you be blessed with good news.’’

Rabbi Edery and his wife, newly married, packed up and came to Japan, a day before Chanuka 1999, to build the first Chabad center of goodness and kindness. Since then, it has grown incredibly, with programs for young children, consultation and classes for adults. Kosher food production, kosher slaughtering and catering for local people and businessmen coming from abroad. A huge library of books in Hebrew and English makes learning so accessible. We provide material and emotional assistance to anyone in need.

Chabad House is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to everyone, Jew and non-Jew alike. Our main focus is to help the Japanese society better themselves and lead happier and more meaningful lives, by learning and keeping the Seven Noahide Laws. We encourage and assist people who come to our center to find their soul mate. We encourage families to have more children, and help to prevent women from doing abortions. We believe that every person is a whole world.

Every good deed adds infinite G-dliness to the world, and makes the world better and happier. Our goal is to spread acts of goodness and kindness thereby preparing the world for the coming of the Rebbe King Mosiach.

Please help us and be a partner in these important activities.

Today, Rabbi Binyomin Y. Edery lives with his wife Efrat and 9 children, k’’y, in Tokyo, Japan.

:Rabbi Binyomin says

Generally, our work is focused on the local Jewish people, the Jewish businessmen that come for a short time, and travelers. Every Shabbat, many Jews, from different backgrounds, sit together in a warm, festive spirit, singing together, telling stories, and feeling as one big family. During the week, the door is always open, and we try to help, if necessary, in every way possible. Some come to learn Torah, and taste a little of Judaism

Many times, people ask us, how do you have the strength to do this? You are so far away from family, friends, your community, in a foreign country? The answer lies in the fact that we are emissaries of the Rebbe King Moshiach. Any difficulty that we encounter we write a letter and ask for a blessing. We have seen countless miracles, as a result of the blessings that we received

The push to go out and establish a Chabad House, specifically in Japan, I received from Rabbi Zimroni Tzik, who is the director of the Chabad House of Bat Yam, Israel

We offer a Jewish kindergarten; study Torah with the local Jews, or travelers. Jewish festivals are celebrated in great holiday spirit, with many Jewish people attending

We also have many Japanese who help us a lot, with our work here and of course are happy to hear about the Seven Noahide laws that are pertinent to them