Hotels Near Chabad Tokyo, מלונות ליד בית חב״ד טוקיו יפן

Hotels Near Chabad Tokyo, מלונות ליד בית חב״ד טוקיו יפן

בית חב״ד טוקיו יפן שמח לבשר שבקרבת הבית חב״ד נשלם ונבנה מלון כשר הראשון בהיסטוריה ביפן

תחת השגחת הרב הראשי ליפן הרב בנימין יחזקאל אדרעי



1. ENT Terrace – Kosher Hotel.

The first and only kosher hotel in Japan. A 2-minute walk from Chabad Tokyo.

2. Hotel Mystays Premier Omori
The highest-class hotel in our neighborhood. Fifteen minutes by foot Chabad Tokyo

3. Apa Hotel                                                                                                                                                                  (Omori ekimae/station) Very new hotel, built in 2020. Just a 10 minute walk from Chabad Tokyo.

4. JR East Hotel Mets Omori
Hotel right in Omori station. Very convenient. 9 minutes from Chabad House.

5. Tmark City Hotel Tokyo Omori

New and comfortable hotel. 20 minutes walk from Chabad House.

6. Omori Park Hotel
A simple hotel for business people. 9 minutes from Chabad House. Phone: 03-3763-5761

7. C and J Hotel
Near Omori-Kaigan station of Keikyu Line. 16 minutes from Chabad House.

8. Flexstay Inn Nakanobu
25 minutes from Chabad House.

8 thoughts on “Hotels Near Chabad Tokyo, מלונות ליד בית חב״ד טוקיו יפן

  1. Shalom
    all links are to websites in Jappaneese is there apossibility to get links to English websites?

  2. Dear Rabbi,
    We are a family of 5 people from New York, we will be in Tokyo next Shabbat, we are staying in Shibuya, is Chabad at walking distance. Or could we order kosher meals?
    Thank you so much and shavuah Tov.

  3. How far is the Ritz Carlton Tokyo from the Chabad? My husband and I would like to come Friday night January 26th thank you!

  4. Hi, I know it’s before Pasach. So whenever you get back to me is ok. It looks like there will be about 14 people for Shabbat. Can you accommodate us? I hope so and what is the closest hotel to you?

    Also we will need food everyday, I think I am getting there Tuesday or Wednesday. Rest of group arriving on Thursday. We all need food Thanks in advance for help. Sarah

  5. Hi,
    We are going to be in Tokyo for shabat 17-18/5.
    Do you have shabat meals?

  6. So pleased to see that there is a Chabad House in Tokyo. Will be visiting in May next year. Looking forward to celebrating Shabbat with you. I am a member of the East Cobb Chabad in Marietta Georgia.

  7. Hi, we will be staying in Minato the upcoming Shabbat . It’s about 4km from the chabad house. Do you think it’s douable ?

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