Chabad House Security and Honor

Chabad House Security and Honor


Every day, local police men from the Omori Police Station, come to the Chabad House to patrol. They come a few times a day, and leave a note with their report. They also come to the Hall where we celebrate every Holiday, to check and patrol, and make sure everything is secure. We would like to thank the wonderful police men for their time and effort in helping to keep Chabad House safe.

Every synagogue is called a ”MiniTemple” or Mikdash Meat. In the Temple there were Cohens and Levites who were ”watchers”. However they did not protect the Temple from negative infiltration, it was a ” Protection of Honor”.
We feel that aside for the security reason that the police come for, is also the honor that they are giving for the ” House of G-d”, especially now since we are so close to the Redemption.

In the picture above is one of the policemen with his fans from Chabad House.

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