Rabbi Edery promotes agriculture in Japan

Rabbi Edery promotes agriculture in Japan

An important mission of Chabad Japan Tokyo is to promote the beauty of Japan and it’s people. Having many Kosher certifications on traditional Japanese food products, Rabbi Edery also emphasizes the relationship with local Japanese farmers.

Japan is known for its exceptional quality and taste of its produce. Over the years, Japan has been importing fruits and vegetables more than what it grows locally.

Many farms close down because the younger generation prefers to work as salary men in the city. Rabbi Edery encourages and works with many farmers and factories to promote and develop their products. In Kyushu, the Rabbi visited a rice farm, that is one of the largest in Japan.

Rabbi Edery visiting orange farm in Wakayama, Japan.

The farmer so appreciated Rabbi Edery’s care and efforts for Japanese farmers, that he sent special Yellow Japanese cherries as a gift. In Japan, one can find very unique fruits and vegetables. Even usual fruits such as cherries and watermelon which normally are pink/ red, one can find then in yellow as well. His family enjoyed this delicious fruit.

For further detail of Rabbi visiting orange farm in Wakayama, Please visit the article on Kosher Japan (article is in Japanese).

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