Kosher Japan Premium Rice made in Hokkaido

Kosher Japan Premium Rice made in Hokkaido

Rice. There are many different types of rice. Japanese are very particular about which rice they are using. Some are more sticky, some more firm, some are sweeter, some are good for sushi, some are good for mochi. 

Rabbi Edery visited a special farm in Hokkaido which produces several types of rice. A premium rice called “Yumepirika” used specially to make delicious sake. The rice farmer and his wife showed the Rabbi a huge pump that they had on their property.

The pump was used to draw hot spring water from the depths of the earth 400 deep in the earth. They fill up a truck load full of water and sell it to ryokans and hotels in the area. 
Hokkaido burst with stunning scenery, onsens, lakes and oceans and special people of the Northern most part of Japan.

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