Lag Baomer Chabad Tokyo

Lag Baomer Chabad Tokyo




Lag Baomer Tokyo was truly a special and inspiring experience. There was a wonderful and enthusiastic group of guests. All enjoyed a fantastic BBQ, words of Torah, music, a lot of singing and dancing, making all the people happy and joyous on this auspicious day. Candles were lit in honor of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai. Surely all the prayers were answered. Rabbi Goldstien, a guest from Israel, read words from the Holy Zohar, and sang melodies from Meron, where Rabbi Shimon is buried.
Hopefully we will merit to see Rabbi Simon, and his teacher Rabbi Akiva, and all the 24,000 students, along with all the Jews who passed away, with the coming of Moshiach.
We would like to thank Shaul Ben Dayan and his family for helping out with the BBQ.
This Lag Baomer, Rabbi Edery visited the Embassy of Israel in Tokyo, and brought them the happiness of Lag Baomer. Above is the picture of Rabbi Edery and the ambassador, Mr. Nissim Shitrit.

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