LAG BAOMER BBQ In Chabad Tokyo

LAG BAOMER BBQ In Chabad Tokyo


You are more than welcome to joining us for the
Lag Baomer BBQ, this coming Monday evening.

When and Where?
This Monday,
May 11
at 6:00 pm
at Chabad Tokyo japan
1-25-18 Sanno
Ota-ku, Tokyo

Tuesday, May 12, Field Trip for children in honor of Lag Baomer
Fun! Adventurous! Meaningful!
To join, please email in advance to

[email protected]

What is Lag Baomer?
Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai’s Yortzeit
Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai was a great sage who lived around 2,000 years ago.
He wrote the Zohar which is the most basic and fundamental book of the esoteric explanation of the Torah. The G-dly revelations that Rabbi Shimon revealed during his lifetime were so huge that they impact all generations until today. This day is the climax of the holy work of Rabbi Shimon and it is the reason for the great celebrations worldwide. Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai asked that his day of passing be celebrated and promised blessing and much goodness to one who celebrates on this day.

On this day the students of Rabbi Akiva stopped passing away from a plague.

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