Kids In Action!

Kids In Action!




Often when people come to Tokyo and see the Edery children they ask :”How do you succeed in educating children in the ways of the Torah in Japan, so far away? This is such a sacrifice for you.”
Rabbi Edery beaming, answers ” This is no sacrifice! This is a privilege. Where can you find such a great education where a child has a hands on Jewish learning experience all the time! When children (and adults) are so busy doing the right thing, they stay on the right path and are not influenced by the outside spiritually negative winds.

From a very young age the children know that the house is open to everybody, and they do their utmost to make people feel happy and welcomed. They are a huge help on a day to day basis, helping out in the Chabad House, cooking, baking bread, cleaning, and taking guests from the station and bringing them to the Chabad House.

They escort Rabbi Edery on many of his trips to bring the happiness of Judaism everywhere. From helping with the lulav and Esrog in the Succa Mobile, to putting on Tefillin on people, to giving out Purim food gifts, to menorahs and doughnuts on Chanuka, to giving out cards with the 7 Noahide laws, to sending kosher food packages, to explaining to local Japanese kids what being Jewish is all about.
It is fascinating to see them ”at work”. People react very warmly and are pleasantly surprised.

Moshiach (8), who is the oldest of the Edery kids once asked a Jewish man, if he would like to put on Tefillin to which he replied:” Sorry I’m in a rush I haven’t go time”. Then the man started talking with Rabbi Edery. At that moment, Moshiach turned to the man, and with a big ”I got you” smile said, ” well if you have time to talk, you have time to put on Tefillin” and with that he got right to his job.

When the children do things, their sincerity is so strong that it overcomes all obstacles and helps people do more good. It is for this very reason that the Rebbe refers to the children as ”The Army of Hashem” (G-d’s army).
It will be the kinderlach who will make Moshiach come!

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