Far East Chabad Shluchim Conference

Far East Chabad Shluchim Conference



This week Rabbi Edery traveled to New Delhi, India to join the Chabad of the Far East Annual Shluchim Conference. Rabbis from 14 cities all over India, Rabbis from Australia, the Phillipines, and Sri Lanka joined together as one. The excitement and happiness to see and strengthen one another was very apparent.
It was amazing to see the great work that is being done on an every day basis, every emissary in his city overcoming obstacles and creating a physical and spiritual haven for every person.

Rabbi Edery spoke about 10 years since establishing the first Chabad House in Japan, and of the great miracles from day one. Prior to Japan, Rabbi Edery was sent to help with the Chabad House of Delhi, 11 years ago for 6 months. That was a great learning experience.

All the food served was prepared wholeheartedly by the wives of the emissaries who in the suffocating heat, cooked and baked for all the guests.
In some cities in India nothing can be taken for granted. Running water and electricity are not readily available. There, in these far out villages and cities located across this enormous country, they do their holy work, assisting people with their physical and spiritual needs.

The timing of the conference was very meaningful. 18 years ago, the Rebbe said ” I have done all I can to bring Moshiach, now I give it over to you. Do all that you can to bring Moshiach now.” This was the motto of the conference. In what aspects can we add and improve our work to make Moshiach come faster.
The conference ended with good resolutions and decisions.

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