Jewish Education System! :How to raise independent child

Jewish Education System! :How to raise independent child

What is the secret to success of the Jewish education?

This is one of the top five questions we get asked. There are several reasons.System of learning from young age is with a lot of review, repetition and study by heart. Students are taught from a young age the different parts of Torah according to their level.

As they get older they learn on a deeper level and the classical ”pair learning” system is practiced.In junior high school, they learn more and more hours in pairs- ”Chevruta” and just several hours a week, they have a formal lesson/lecture. A lot of revision time is given. The idea is to give the student the skills to be able to study independently and in depth. The teacher is in the room and always available to answer any question or issue that needs clarification. This system of learning instills self discipline and responsibility in the young students.

Tzedaka and kindness is emphasized as an integral part of learning. Students are encouraged to bring a coin every morning to put in the charity box at school emphasizing the importance of helping people in need as the basis of our day. Each school has volunteer hours every week and encourages the students to use their free time to help people in the community. The idea behind this is to show our gratitude for the gifts that we were given on a daily basis and not to take for granted the good opportunities that we have.

Prayer, time for connection and thankfulness is set aside each day to instill awareness of the Creator and develop a relationship with G-d Almighty on a daily basis. The students sing many parts of the prayer aloud and together, especially when they are young. 

The beginning is important. There is a beautiful tradition from the time of the Talmud, for the first day of school –”cheder”. When the father brings his child, the teacher puts him on his knees and asks him to read the ”Aleph” and then lick the honey that’s put on the letter for that purpose. The young child feels the love and sweetness of the study of Holy Torah.

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