New House Dedication in Nagoya

New House Dedication in Nagoya


Recently Rabbi Edery was invited to put up Mezuzot and bless a new home built in Nagoya. There was a beautiful meal for the ”Hanukat Habayit”- house dedication, and words of Torah, Lechaim and well wishing from all the family and friends who arrived from around Japan and Israel. We would like to wish Avi and his family Mazal tov!

3 thoughts on “New House Dedication in Nagoya

  1. i am searching for chabad nagoya. please send me address and phone number as soon as possible. you can call me on my cell: US cell: 301-613-7400.
    Thank you.

  2. Hello…. my 16 year old son is currently on exchange from Sydney Australia to Nanzan Boys High. The situation of his home stay is dreadfully unhappy!
    He is in Nagoya until December 2, 2017 to learn Japanese – but the family are ignoring him. He is in his little room all the time because they won’t talk to him or even look at him. They are not feeding him enough – so he is always hungry…yet they feed their son the same age twice the amount of food they give our boy. There are many other issues of neglect and perhaps this is not the best forum to post then on.

    Is there any possibility of someone extending him some Jewish spirit. A day out, a shabbat dinner a friendly voice – someone who might help our young son learn Japanese…. any gesture of kindness would be so appreciated.

  3. Shalom!

    I am in Nagoya to visit my son who lives here. Is Chanda Nagoya still running?

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