Chabad of Japan’s mitzvah mini van has a rich history of Mitzvot and good deeds.
The 240,000 km that the car has driven can attest to that.
Rabbi Edery drove from the most Northern to the most Southern tip of Japan, as well as the most Western tip to be of help to people.
Visiting prisoners in jails, Visiting people in hospitals, emergency situtations, home visits, Bringing kosher food, organizing circumcisions, house commemoration and mezuzah fixing are just some of the many trips the Rabbi and Chabad of Japan’s staff have made.
A few weeks ago, the car broke down as it was on its way up to Tohoku, bringing 3 sweet potato ovens to the people in the North.

We are now in the process of finding and purchasing a new Mitzvah Mobile.
Anyone who would like to take part in this mitzvah, can do so through this link.
May the merit of all the mitzvot done with this Mitzvah Car, be a blessing for all those who help.

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