Gardening at Chabad Tokyo

Gardening at Chabad Tokyo

When you come to Chabad House you are sure to enjoy a cherry tomato fresh from the garden or a hot tea with fresh ”nana” spearmint tea.

The Edery kids along with the Chabad House gardener aka Rabbi Edery, have planted a garden full of corn, tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers. They are now fully grown and the beginning of the corn can be seen and the tomatoes are almost ripe.
Two weeks ago there was a strong typhoon, with extremely strong winds and rain that knocked down the stalks of corn after they had grown about one meter high. But as the saying goes ”have no fear, Rabbi Edery is here” worked miracles once again. The next morning, the Rabbi built a wooden frame to support the fallen corn and they continue to grow taller and taller.

The Chabad House Herb garden is a real delight. It has around twenty kinds of herbs, such as Lemon Verbena (Heb. Luiza), Oregano, Basil, Rosemary, ”Sheba”, Sage, Fennel, different kinds of mint and many others. They have been planted a few years ago and are a great asset to the daily cooking.

The growing of vegetables and herbs is educational, healthy, and a great deal of fun.
It is a worthwhile way to spend time with one’s children, family and friends. They learn to appreciate what they eat, and have more respect for the hard work that goes into

We can’t take it for granted, nowadays, there might be children who think that a tomato comes from the computer or another electrical machine. You just press a few buttons on the computers and the tomatoes are at your door!

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