7 Noahide Laws campaign, along with food and water distibution following Earthquake

7 Noahide Laws campaign, along with food and water distibution following Earthquake

Chabad Japan Mitzva Tank

It is impossible to ignore our Japanese “Mitzva Tank”!, On top of it an elegant menorah is proudly displayed, declaring our Jewish values and hailing the victory of light.

Together with our humanitarian efforts, we combine “The Seven Noahide Laws” campaign and distribute materials to residents of Japan, emphasizing that the strengthening of religious practice adds security the entire country.

“For now, we continue our activities with the blessing of the Rebbe Shlita. The government has announced that there is no danger to residents of Japan, and we sincerely hope that this situation will proceed well and G-d willing without interruption.”


Rabbi Edery notes that he was accompanied by Mr. Moto, a close friend of Chabad who himself helps spread the Seven Laws of Noah.

“It is interesting to note that before all this happened, it occurred to him to ask the Rebbe Shlita whether to bring his mother, who lives in the area hit by tsunami to Tokyo. (His father is no longer alive.) Based on the answer he received through Igros Kodesh he decided to bring her and she is only alive in this merit, as her home was severely damaged.”

In the coming days, Chabad will continue to work in a state of emergency, although they themselves are dealing with power outages, and gas and water shortages.

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One thought on “7 Noahide Laws campaign, along with food and water distibution following Earthquake

  1. In these critical times, when nations are challenging one another and violence is increasing in an unbelievable manner, the Jews have the power to bring about peace in the entire world.
    In order that the entire world should be orderly, it is essential that each and every one of the “seventy nations” should be influenced so that they will work on settling the world through spreading the Seven Mitzvos & influencing the nations to keep their mitzvos, in order to assist our task of making the world into a dwelling place for G-d, and help bring about the arrival of Moshiach. Every individual must do everything possible to hasten his coming. In order to bring awareness of these Seven Mitzvos to the world I have recently created a blog for this sole purpose


    Please add this to your blogroll (& encourage your fellow bloggers too add my blog or add it to their social networking sites) to help spread the awareness of the existence of the Noahide Commandments. Appreciated.

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