The Rebbe’s Response – Continue preparations for Purim

The Rebbe’s Response – Continue preparations for Purim

In response to Rabbi Edery’s letter reporting the trip, the Rebbe Melech Hamoshiach blessed the city, and noted that they should make all appropriate efforts regarding the upcoming holiday, Purim, and that especially this year, they should increase their efforts.


Upon learning about the fourth reactor fire, and the instructions of the government to a 30 km distance from the reactors, Rabbi Edery once again asked the Rebbe if there any basis to move south of Tokyo. The Rebbe MH”M reply was extremely forceful and clear that there is absolutely no reason for this at all. The Rebbe writes (Igros Kodesh Vol. 12 Pg. 315):

כנראה שמבהיל את עצמו ביותר וביותר.. היינו מבלי כל יסוד והצדקה ויהי רצון שיתחיל להשתדל להיות המוח שליט על הלב שכמאמר רבנו הזקן הוא בטבעו ותולדתו ובפרט שאין יסוד להבהלה שנראית במכתבו

Apparently, he is frightening himself more and more … (missing some text) May it be [Hashem’s] will that he will begin to act in a manner that “his head will rule over his heart”, and as the Alter Rebbe says, “himself, in his nature”, and specifically that there is no basis for the fear that is apparent in his letter.”

Rebbe Melech Hamoshiach Reply - Not to Worry
Rebbe Melech Hamoshiach's Reply - Not to Worry

Indeed, at the Chabad House in Tokyo Rabbi Edery, his wife Efrat and their children are preparing for the days of Purim which will be held this year with the blessing of the Rebbe MH”M Shlita with increasing joy, until the greatest joy of true and complete redemption.

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