You are what you eat!

You are what you eat!

Chabad Tokyo Challah Bakery

Chabad Tokyo Challah Bakery2

When living in a big Jewish community anywhere in the world, we take it for granted all the kosher food that we can readily get. If you need a loaf of bread, you just hop into the local bakery and you have at least 5 choices of different kosher breads.
Here in Japan, we are the kosher bakery. So every week, tens of kilos of bread are made, for anyone who wants. Be it visitors to Chabad House, or local families and singles or businessmen or tourists from abroad who need kosher bread.
Let’s have a peek into what goes into making this basic necessity. This week we made 30 kilos of rolls and challah, it took about 8 hours from start to finish. The huge mixer does the mixing; the measuring, rolling out and shaping is done by hand. The results speak for themselves, delicious kosher bread- Made in Japan # 1 in quality and taste.
When Rabbi Edery came to Japan in 1999, he looked for a bakery that would fit the kosher standards. On the appointed day Mr. Mutoh and the Rabbi, came to an all organic, all natural, vegetarian bakery. The baker was happy to have the Rabbi come and turn on the ovens. Everything looked just fine, the flour, yeast was ok. Then the Rabbi checked the ovens and saw that on each tray there was a white piece of food. He asked the baker what this was, and he answered it was from THAT animal, the one that rhymes with dig, and wallows in its dirt. Then he added: it doesn’t go into the bread itself, but it gives a fantastic aroma to all the breads”. That was the end of that.

When one is careful to eat kosher food it cause clarity and focus in one’s life. Kosher food causes one’s thoughts speech and action to be channeled to G-d’s will.
To properly keep kosher one needs to be very careful not only of the ingredients but also of where it was made and how.

Hopefully, very soon we will merit the Third temple and eat from the special bread that was made there, which miraculously stayed fresh and warm for one whole week.

We would like to take this opportunity and thank Mr. Bernie McCliesh for contributing his time and great help in making the bread, and always with a smile.

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