Yom Kippur in Chabad Tokyo Japan

Yom Kippur in Chabad Tokyo Japan


Chasidic thought teaches that every Jew is born with a G-dly soul. This soul is pure and always desires us to act righteously. Throughout our lives, this desire never leaves us. Although we transgress and turn away from its light, it is never tarnished or disturbed.

On Yom Kippur, regardless of the year’s actions or preparations, the G-dly soul is revealed to us and brought to the forefront of our being. On this day our evil inclination has no power, and we have the potential to mimic the behavior of the angels. It is our job to use the spiritual tides of the day to wash our minds and hearts and bring the G-dly soul to the forefront of our lives.

Along with prayer, and abstaining from eating, drinking and physical desires on the day of Yom Kippur, proper preparation is very important to inspire a powerful and long-lasting return to G-d. Proper preparation includes days of introspection and the creation of resolutions to clear negative behaviors and adopt positive behaviors. With sincere prayer and supplication on this auspicious day, we empower the G-dly soul and arouse Heaven to bless us with a fruitful year.

G-d bless you and your family and we hope to see you this Yom Kippur.

Written by Moshe Silver

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