Torah is Sweet As Honey, Levi Yitzchak’s first Cheder Visit

Torah is Sweet As Honey, Levi Yitzchak’s first Cheder Visit

The first day a child is taken to the Cheder (Jewish boys school) it is customary to make it a very memorable event. Here are some of the customs that are done, that trace back to the times of the Talmud, 2,500 years ago.

The child is wrapped in a Talit (prayer shawl), as he is taken from his house to the cheder, so as not to see things that are not kosher, as it is a holy day.

Once in the classroom, the teacher (Rebbi) gives the child from a honey cake, with holy verses inscribed on it. He also eats an egg with verses from the Tanach written on it.
The Rebbi smears honey on the Hebrew Aleph Bet, and the child says each letter and licks the honey.

The guests throw candies on the child and say that it is from the Angel Michael.
Coins for charity and baggies (sweets) are distributed among the students of the class, then Tzedaka is given and blessings are said on the food.

Last week Rabbi Edery took 3 year old Levi Yitzchak to the Or Menchem Yeshiva, where Rabbi Yitzchak Fuchs, renowned educator and teacher of grade 1, graciously welcomed the guests from Tokyo and did all the beautiful traditions with Levi Yitzchak leaving a very strong impression on him.

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