Tiles-and-Smiles! Mikveh update

Tiles-and-Smiles! Mikveh update

We want to wish you a good and happy month of Adar I, this coming Friday and Shabbat, two days of Rosh Chodesh.

This year is a leap year, with two months of Adar. We have 60 days – double the amount of Simcha to break and overcome all difficulties and challenges.

May the blessings and joy of double Adar, which begins this Friday, bring the complete victory of Am Yisrael over its enemies in Israel and all around the world. May the hostages come back home right away. May all the sick be healed and may all those that were killed and passed away, be resurrected with the coming of Moshiach now!

Adar comes from the word, ”Adir Bamarom Hashem”- How great is G-d Almighty.

May Hashem show his compassion in the most revealed way, with open miracles, and may all the sadness turn over to great joy!

Mikveh in Tokyo construction process

The beautiful tiles are already finished in the Mikveh onsen. It looks absolutely beautiful. These special tiles are from the mountains in North Japan. They are used many times in onsens due to their non-slip quality and their stunning reflection in the water.

Below:This week, we miraculously had heavy rain for two days straight. The mikveh is filled up almost halfway. We are hoping that very soon, Hashem will send more rain so that the mikveh fills up and we will have the required amount of rainwater for a kosher mikveh.

A kosher mikveh is comprised of two pools. One pool holds the natural rain water and the other is the immersion pool. In some mikvahs, the pools are one on top of each other, and in others, the pools are side by side.

In Hebrew, the pool that holds the rainwater is called an ”Otzar”, a treasure. The Otzar is covered with a concrete block with two holes so that the top pool of water will always be touching the rainwater in the bottom pool.

Developments of the Mikveh Onsen in Kyoto

The Mikveh onsen in Kyoto has been dug up. It is all ready for the construction of the wooden mold to hold the concrete walls of the Mikveh.The land itself is all cleaned and cleared for the Mikveh building.

Below:We were blessed to have Rabbi Grossbaum from Minnesota, the Mikveh expert come to Japan to oversee and guide the construction of the Mikvehs in Kyoto and Tokyo.

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