Shavuot Festival Chabad_ Japan 2014

Shavuot Festival Chabad_ Japan 2014

Come and join us this Shavuot

Festival of the giving of the Torah


This Tuesday evening, June 3rd

at 6:30 pm at Chabad of Japan.

Wednesday, June 4th,

morning services at 10:00 am, followed by festive Holiday meal, blintzes and other Shavuot treats.


Wednesday evening at 5 pm, there will be a reading of the Ten Commandments from the Torah Scroll.

It is important for every person to hear the Ten Commandments read. There will special prizes for all children who will join.

Following the reading will be a grand festive Holiday feast.

Thursday, June 5th, morning services at 10 am followed by festive holiday lunch.

Come along and bring family and friends. This day we get strength both physical and spiritual, as we relive the giving of the Torah.

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