Rabbi Binyomin Edery teaches class in college

Rabbi Binyomin Edery teaches class in college


This week Rabbi Edery gave a lecture about Judaism to University Students in Ochanomizu, Tokyo.

Among the topics discussed :

The 7 Noahide laws as the basis for a peaceful civilization,

What is so unique about Jewish education ?

Why is there a low divorce rate among traditional Jews.

The History of the Jewish people.

What is the benefit and necessity of having a mentor.

Modesty as the foundation for the Jewish home,

Kosher laws and their reasonings.

The students and teachers found the lecture to be very interesting and an eye opener and they walked away with many fundamental ideas they thought to apply in their lives.One of the teachers explained that her grandfather was named Isaku after Isaac son of Abraham, and that he always said that there was a lot to learn from the Jewish people. He was one of the founders of this educational establishment.


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