Purim in the Land of the Rising Sun

Purim in the Land of the Rising Sun

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24 hours of non stop activities.
Purim eve, after hearing the reading of the Megillah, Chabad House hosted a fantastic Purim feast. Many people participated and expressed their joy. As one person exclaimed: ” only such happiness can break through the spiritual coldness of Tokyo”. That is exactly Chabad House’s goal to illuminate and warm this spiritual ”freezer” with good deeds and happiness.
The next morning there was a megillah reading and breakfast for early risers. Then Rabbi Edery went on the Shalach Monos- ”gifts of food” marathon. Escorted by ”soldiers in G-d’s army”- Moshiach and Zalman, he made his way to all parts of Tokyo, to meet Jewish people who did not hear the megillah yet. This took logistics and organization, to make time frames throughout the day, all over the city. So there were Megillah groups in Ueno, Okachimachi, Shibuya, Minami Azabu (at King Falafel), Roppongi and Shinjuku. A huge box of Purim foods were prepared and distributed among all the people.

The finale was at 5:30, right before sunset, many people came to the Chabad House to hear the last Megillah reading and take part of another Purim feast, which ended late into the night. The children especially had a fantastic time, dressing up, eating hamantashen and celebrating Purim to its utmost.
We hope and pray that this Passover we will celebrate in the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem, and eat from the Passover sacrifices.

We would like to take this opportunity and thank Yelena Vachutinsky for her great help making hundreds of hamantashen.

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