Pesach in the Land of The Rising Sun 5770

Pesach in the Land of The Rising Sun 5770


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It was wonderful to see so many people at the Seders. Down to the very last minute, people were emailing and calling. The Seder hall was packed, more and more people kept on coming in and joining. There were around 200 people at the end there was hardly room to sit. There was plenty of great food, Handmade Shemura matza to eat and take home. Thanks to the helpers and volunteers, the Seder was well organized ,thank G-d. There was a very warm, and family atmosphere. A special unity was felt among all the people participating. A huge thank you to Rabbi Edery for all his tireless efforts and constant devotion to make this Holiday a fantastic success, with the help of G-d. Definitely, next year we will celebrate next Pesach Seder in the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem.
Special thank you, to Rabbi Meir Abitan for all his help in making the Pesach Seders here in Japan, and all year round.

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