Mitzvah Messengers from North America

Mitzvah Messengers from North America

Rabbi Edery and all Chabad Japan staff would like to thank the Aldrich family for the huge amount of kosher food that they so generously sent. May Hashem bless each and everyone of them, including Bubby and Zaidy Aldrich with all the blessings both materially and spiritually.

Aldrich  visit December 2013
Aldrich visit Chabad_Tokyo December 2013

We enjoyed the chance to speak about the reasons why our Sages selected Yosef’s children Binyamin and Efraim as the paradigm for the blessing for our children.  Rabbi Aldrich suggested that not only had Yosef raised these two children to become Torah-observant children in a foreign land (Egypt) but also trained them to avoid jealousy.  When the younger son (Efraim received the blessing usually intended for the older brother)

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