We thank all who bless our new baby, Nissim

We thank all who bless our new baby, Nissim

This week Rabbi Binyomin Edery made another trip to Tohoku. He brought clothes to people who were affected by the Tsunami and are still living in caravans, temporary housing organized by the government.

During the clothes distribution, the people of the affected cities had a surprise prepared for the Rabbi. A beautiful traditional new baby gift. Every family wrote a wish and blessing in honor of the new baby, Nissim Ariel Edery that was born 3 months ago. They thanked Rabbi for all his efforts made since the Tsunami struck them.

Rabbi Edery explained to the people the reason for the baby’s name. Nissim means ”miracles”. We are thankful to G-d that he was born healthy and for us it was a miracle after all the radiation scare. Also, as a prayer to G-d for Japan for more miracles.

The people of Iwanuma said, that for them it was a miracle that Rabbi Edery came and helped so much in the most difficult time in their life, it gave them much strength and hope.

Rabbi Edery coordinated donation of irrigation system from a Israeli company to farmers in the Tohoku area and also discussed other Chabad Japan’s aid operation in the future.

We thank Iwase san who donated many boxes of clothes.

May Hashem bless all the people who have been affected by the earthquake and tsunami and May He hasten their full recovery.

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