Chanuka in Chabad Tokyo Japan

Chanuka in Chabad Tokyo Japan






This year Chabad Tokyo Japan, directed by Rabbi Binyomin Edery, made a ‘’Parade of light’’. The cars with beautiful menorahs on them traveled as far as 1,000 km, from Tokyo, to Chiba, Saitama, Yokohama, Nagoya, Kobe, Kyoto, meeting many Jews along the way. Even Mount Fuji merited a menorah lighting. Most of the Jews are assimilated, but the heart of the Yid is always awake. They were all so happy and moved by Rabbi Edery’s visit with the menorah parade.
On the first nigh of Chanuka, a big celebration was held in a beautiful hall in Tokyo, celebrating the 9th anniversary of Chabad of Japan. Rabbi Edery spoke of all the open miracles that he experienced from the moment he and his wife arrived in Japan to this day, in the merit of the Rebbe Mh’’m’s blessings. Among the guests were many of the Japanese who greatly respect and help the activities that Chabad of Japan does. There were local Jews , travelers and Jews from the local American bases who partook in the celebration. There was a great awakening among the participants, to continue doing more good..
There were public Menorah lightings in 3 major areas in Tokyo.
On the last day of Chanuka, Rabbi Edery made a special Chanuka food tasting in National Azabu, a big supermarket in the heart of Tokyo. After the great success of previous times, the staff of the supermarket turned to Rabbi Edery and requested to do it again for Chanuka. It was a big Kiddush Hashem. Many Jews participated in the menorah lighting.

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