Chabad Japan CHANUKA and 10th Anniversary Celebration

Chabad Japan CHANUKA and 10th Anniversary Celebration

USA Ambassador in Japan_at Chabad Tokyo


We were honored to have the US Ambassador to Japan, Ambassador Roos and his wife Suzie and parents in law, join us for the Chanuka celebration. The Ambassdor is the first Jewish ambassador, lit the menorah, and was very happy to be part of such a warm and great community. His mother in law, Mrs. Herbst, who is a Holocaust survivor was very moved and explained that seeing such a huge crowd of people all celebrating Chanuka in Japan, is especially moving. The Greeks wanted to destroy the Jewishness in us, but we are still here, and celebrating strong.

Rabbi Shmuel Albukerk, from Tzivos Hashem children’s organization, in Brooklyn, N.Y. did a fantastic olive press show. The kids were fascinated, as well as the parents, to see the whole process from start to finish. Shmuel brought with him all the equipment, centrifuge, test tubes, press, and olives. Finally the children, lit from the actual oil that was produced. To top it all, the children built their own beautiful wooden Menorahs. They knocked, decorated and lacquered their Menorahs, and were truly a work of art. The younger children decorated wooden dreidels. Shmuel made a fabulous magic show with flying fire. 

 As one of our guests wrote:”Thank you for a wonderful 10th celebration Chanukah party. I am so grateful to be part of your lives this last decade through your lasting Chabad House presence. To mark this occasion last Sunday moved me deeply.”
A great big thank you to Kobayashi san who cooked such fantastic, gourmet food, and to the wonderful helpers who gave so much of their time to make this event such a success.
Shirit Stern, Jason Yang, Bernie McLeish, Hitomi Nakamura and Hazuki.
Throughout Chanuka, Rabbi Edery traveled with the Chanuka mobile spreading the light and happiness of the festival to many people, and lighting Public Menorahs in central Tokyo.

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