Chabad Asia Conference in Delhi, India

Chabad Asia Conference in Delhi, India

Head Rabbi India

Emissaries Delhi

We welcome Rabbi Binyomin Edery back from his trip to Delhi, India for the Asia Chabad Emissary Conference. Among the participants was the Head Rabbi and Head Emissary of India, Rabbi Bezalel Kupchik. The main emphasis and topic of the conference was how to add in deeds of goodness and kindness in each Rabbi’s city, making each city ready to greet Moshiach. A special thank you to Chabad House of Delhi, the emissary of Delhi, Rabbi Shmuel Sharf, hosted all of the Rabbis with warmth and great happiness. The Rabbis, who came from all over India, Sri Lanka, Philipines, came away with good resolutions, which will surely impact many people for the good.
During Rabbi Edery’s stay he visited prisoners in the Delhi jail, asking about their welfare and helping in every way. There are 14,000 inmates, 70 inmates to a room. He also visited an orphanage in Delhi. May we merit the time when all negativity will be erased from this earth, with the coming of Moshiach now. As the prophet Isiah says: ” G-d will swallow death forever, and wipe away tears from all faces”.

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