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Day: May 4, 2024

The Eighth Day of Pesach: The Feast of Moshiach

The Eighth Day of Pesach: The Feast of Moshiach

The eighth day of Pesach is traditionally associated with our hopes for the coming of Moshiach. About two hundred and fifty years ago, the Baal Shem Tov revealed that on that day a special divine light is revealed in the festive meal of Moshiach.

The twelfth article of Rambam’s thirteen principles of faith is “I believe with perfect faith in the coming of Moshiach. Even if he delays, I will wait every day for him to come.” Though all believers accept this principle, for many, the concept of Moshiach remains an abstraction. Partaking of Moshiach’s Seudah reinforces our belief in this principle, translating our awareness of Moshiach into a meal, a physical experience that leads us to associate this concept with our daily lives.

The Baal Shem Tov’s linking of our awareness of Moshiach to the physical is significant because it prepares us for the revelations of the era of redemption. Our generation has been charged with the responsibility of making all Jews and Noahides aware of Moshiach, In general, we need to strive for the time when the entire world will accept the Noahide laws. This time is not so far. Then a new era will start, The resurrection of the dead.

The reward of the resurrection of the dead is so enormous we cannot grasp even a small part of it. Both Jews and non-Jews will have to deserve this reward and fulfilling the commandments of G-d can ensure this reward. However, there might be good deeds that could make one eligible for this reward, such as a real act of mercy. This applies to men and women. So, there might be individuals who do not deserve it but because of an exceptional good deed, they might get it.

Let’s add more good deeds and bring more G-dly light to the entire world.

*This is from a series of articles by Rabbi Bernstein Moshe.