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Does Passover have a message to Noahides?

Does Passover have a message to Noahides?

Passover is a major Jewish holiday that specifically celebrates the Exodus. The Passover Seder retells the story and symbolically relives the experience of liberation from Egypt. It serves as a powerful way to connect with the deep message of going out of our limitations (represented by Egypt) and keeping the meaning of Exodus alive for the current generation.

Exodus represents liberation from oppression. The Israelites were freed from physical slavery in Egypt, but it also signifies a deeper spiritual liberation—from sin, idol worship, fear, and limitations. The plagues and parting of the Red Sea are seen as miracles that demonstrate G-d’s power and his commitment to his people, as well as his power to all nations.

The Exodus story serves as an inspiration to overcome challenges in our own lives. It reminds us that with faith and trust, even seemingly big obstacles can be overcome. We all need to be “freed” from negative habits or mental limitations that may block our connection with G-d by fulfilling his commands. The Exodus story can also cultivate gratitude for our own freedom, abundance, and blessings.

The Exodus story transcends its historical context for Noahides. It offers a message of liberation and the importance of faith in almighty G-d who can redeem us in any situation. This has a powerful significance in the global situation where anyone understands that only a redemption by Moshiach can bring a message of hope and guidance in our own daily lives to the entirety of humanity.

*This is from a series of articles by Rabbi Bernstein Moshe.