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Day: May 19, 2024

The 7 Universal Commandments and Free Choice

The 7 Universal Commandments and Free Choice

G-d created everything that exists, so He is therefore beyond all categories of existence and any description. Even terms such as “infinite,” and “eternal” cannot help us define Him truly. He created all the categories and logical rules, so He is beyond the limitations of these rules or being “infinite” or “eternal.” Despite His infinite oneness, He desired to have a dwelling place in the lower worlds where created human beings are not always aware of His presence.

In order to create a world antagonistic to Divinity so that human beings will have a real free choice and will outstand the test, G-d had to remove His “presence,” the awareness of Him, from a realm of reality specifically designated to be an “empty” place. This produced a realm devoid of divine consciousness, especially in the physical world of action.

This concealment or removal of His presence is only temporary, He created it this way for the purpose of free choice and to complete His will of having a dwelling place where the finite and infinite merge. If the G-dly light was obvious in our world, there was no place for free choice, but the intention was that there would be a choice so those human beings who observe the commandments would get their enormous reward. This concealment is only a step towards the complete state of creation.

At the messianic era and especially at the resurrection of the dead, this concealment will be canceled, and the vision of perfect creation will be intact. Fulfilling the seven Noahide commandments surely could hasten this vision of a rectified and refined world.

Our generation has the merit of removing the screen that hides the truth and reveals within himself and within others the divine truth of fulfilling the 7 Noahide commandments as a crucial step towards redemption.

*This is from a series of articles by Rabbi Bernstein Moshe.