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Day: February 15, 2024

Teruma: Rectifying the World

Teruma: Rectifying the World

In this Torah portion, we find an answer to an ancient question: what is the purpose of creation? G‑d is the essence of good, and the nature of good is to bestow goodness. But goodness cannot be bestowed when there is no one to receive it. To this goal, G‑d created our world—so that there should be recipients of His goodness. The Divine desire is that we “make a home for G‑d in the material world.” the sanctuary in the Sinai desert and the following first and second Holy tempel were a dwelling place for G-d in this world.

Since the Torah is G‑d’s divine blueprint for creation, it teaches us how to spiritually elevate our world of action. Since the Torah is eternal, it speaks to a whole variety of people on different levels in all eras. The message is to lift yourself from where you currently stand. Torah expects us to stand a little higher, towards the ultimate goal of a perfected, rectified world.

G-d has instructed us to create a sanctuary for His presence to reside within us. This directive encompasses three forms of sanctuaries: the physical Tabernacle erected in the wilderness; the personal, inner sanctuary that each individual is required to build; and lastly, the entire world, which we are tasked to convert into a dwelling place for G-d by observing His commandments.

In all these instances, the mission is feasible because it merely uncovers the inherent, authentic nature of existence which is created by G-d. The universe exists solely due to the Divine energy that flows within it, transforming the world into a space where Divinity is apparent. Similarly, the core of every individual is our Divine spark, so transforming our lives into a dwelling place for G-d is simply a matter of letting our inner divine essence merge with the physical dimension of the world. However, we need to understand that our limited understanding can not grasp the infinite wisdom of G-d.

In our present reality, a profound battle rages—a cosmic clash between malevolence and sanctity. On one side stand the forces of darkness and terror, while on the other side of holiness stand the Noahides and the Jewish people. These events unfolding across the globe are linked to this pivotal struggle.

Yet, amidst the global chaos, we expect the fulfillment of the prophetic promise for a future where the world is rectified, and where evil ceases to exist. We await the dawn of true redemption, when harmony prevails, and the entire universe finds its ultimate rectification by King Moshiach.

*This is from a series of articles by Rabbi Bernstein Moshe.