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Day: February 7, 2024

Mishpatim- Safeguarding Our Souls

Mishpatim- Safeguarding Our Souls

In this week’s portion, we find the laws of “four keepers”. These keepers should keep a deposit or an item safely. The four are a free custodian, a salaried custodian, a renter, and a borrower, as well as the extent of their responsibility for the item entrusted to them. It is known that behind the visible layer of the words of the Torah are hidden inner and deep spiritual ideas.

Here is hidden the idea that the divine spark that was entrusted in our body is only a deposit and we must keep this deposit by observing the 7 commandments of the children of Noah. Ben Noah’s role is to guard this deposit from any transgression properly. The deposit of the divine spark requires constant ‘care’ – apart from the need to guard the soul so the physical and material world will not damage it, the keeper must achieve the goal for which the soul descended. The keeper, representing each individual, must engage in fulfilling the Noahide Laws, particularly those relevant to Noah’s descendants. These laws serve as the framework for righteous living and moral conduct.

All the spiritual illnesses of Western society stem from the fact that the self is at the center of a person’s awareness. In the age of redemption, the world will be on a higher spiritual level. The man’s purpose in the world is reflected in the saying: “I was created solely to serve my creator”. It is better to engage in one hour of good deeds and repentance in this world than to enjoy divine light in the world to come. The worship of the Creator should be in the center. The human consciousness moves to a higher consciousness of the Creator who is infinite.

As we approach the infinite space of true redemption, the Messiah will redeem all of creation. The lingering evils—manifested in idolatry, power struggles, and hostility toward the chosen people—will be eradicated. The Creator’s presence will be fully revealed on earth.

May we continue to guard the divine spark within us, fulfilling our purpose and contributing to the redemption of the world by King Moshiach.

*This is from a series of articles by Rabbi Bernstein Moshe.