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Parshat Vayakhel- Who is Really Important?

Parshat Vayakhel- Who is Really Important?

Can we say that we live with an upside-down perception of reality? This is one of the deepest topics in the Torah. It is said in the Talmud tractate Bava Batra 10. b that one of the big sages was in a condition of clinical death so his soul rose to heaven. There he saw that those who were considered not honorable in this world but were righteous were very important to G-d almighty on the other hand those who were considered very strong and wealthy in this world but were sinners were considered not important in the eyes of G-d. So, this illusion exists in many realms and it might confuse some. However, things are judged by their value to G-d’s will, not necessarily by what common people usually think. It is obvious according to this rule that the importance of being Noahide is not judged by the number of Noahides worldwide but by their importance to G-d. The same goes for the Jewish people their importance is not judged by their number but by their role in the creation. not everything perceived in this world as very important is really important and vice versa.

Being in this physical world in a physical body could be extremely beneficial, nevertheless, the soul can be harmed by the physical body it is clothed in case of a sin. The soul might gain some spiritual dirt in this world, however, if she passes the test and does repent and come closer to Hashem then her retribution is eternal and infinite. Moses the prophet and his descendants are similar to the ground crew who operate the space crew, he gave us all the life-saving details we should fulfill. If we want our lives to be blessed with fulfillment and delight, we should observe the instructions that were given on Mount Sinai.

The fact that the Jewish people are attacked by the darkest forces on earth is because of its importance in the realm of holiness. Like insects who are attracted to a vessel full of honey but will not be attracted to an empty vessel, we see everyone is attracted to what is happening in the land of Israel. This is one of the signs of redemption that will be fulfilled by King Moshiach soon.

*This is from a series of articles by Rabbi Bernstein Moshe.