Over 10 Tons of Food and Clothes Distributed

Over 10 Tons of Food and Clothes Distributed

Rabbi Edery and Muto san together with Chabad volunteers drive up to Sendai three times a week to distribute food, clothes and necessary items to the people in the shelters and families in the affected areas. Every trip they rent a 1 ton truck and fill it up with goods to be distributed. Special thanks to the CEO of National Azabu, Mr. Sezaki and head manager Mr. Dale Toriumi, for their ongoing help in organizing food and clothes drives. They also put charity boxes for customers to help monetarily and encourage  their customers to take part in this important and crucial cause. The people in the shelters are incredibly thankful and appreciative of the dedication Rabbi Edery, Muto san and all the volunteers have for them.

Food and clothes pickup.

National Azabu food and clothes drive. Rabbi Edery and Chabad volunteers come with a truck, a few times a week to pick up the collected items, to be distributed to the people in the shelters.



After driving the whole night the truck arrives in Sendai and is unloaded in Muto san’s house, aka Chabad of Sendai.

Unloading, Chabad Sendai.

Huge pile of food and clothes at Mr. Muto’s house, after unloading.


Entrance of Chabad Sendai after truck unloaded.

Loading for shelter

Loading a truck to go to a shelter in Iwanuma with the food and clothes.

Unloading at shelter.
Organizing at shelter

Muto san, Rabbi Edery and refugees go over logistics of how to organize the distribution.


Refugees organize and categorize the items according to contents, food, clothes and others.

Volunteers in shelters organize the huge load of food and clothes, brought by Chabad Japan with National Azabu.

Mr. Aki Wakabayashi, one of the head volunteers, helps with the distribution.

Sign at National Azabu encouraging customers to help.


Rabbi Edery driving the 1 ton mitzvah truck on his thrice weekly drives to Sendai.

Teenagers from the shelter help unload and choose things that they need.



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