What is Chabad House

What is Chabad House

Chabad House of Japan was founded by Rabbi Binyomin Edery as the first Chabad House in Japan and is now joined by Rabbi Mordechai (Moti) Gurmach. Rabbi Binyomin runs Chabad Tokyo in Sanno, Tokyo, and Rabbi Moti runs Chabad Kyoto in Okazaki, Kyoto, in close cooperation with each other.

The primary mission of Chabad House is to provide Jews who live a secular life with an environment where they can live a good life in accordance with the commandments and traditions given by the Creator, which is the divine mission of the Jewish people. Judaism is a religion that does not proselytize, that does not encourage non-Jews to become Jews, and that even tells that a Jew should persuade non-Jews not to convert to a Jew.

However, Rabbi Binyomin and Rabbi Moti want to help bring the light of the Creator of perfect Good to not only Jews, but also to the people in Japan. Rabbi Binyomin thinks it’s his mission to help Japanese people and society after feeling some guidance from the Creator. Rabbi Moti thinks that it is not enough to stay in the Jewish community to reveal the Torah (Jewish scriptures), which is said to have come from the Creator in 70 languages. From these motivations, we want to work hand in hand with the people in Japan to restore the good world.

The Torah, the Jewish Bible, is said to have been given to Moses and the Israelites (Jews) at Mount Sinai, but according to the Jewish scriptures, it was actually given to all mankind before that, albeit in a slightly different form. The Torah consists of books and oral traditions that provide precepts and guidance for living a good life. The pre-Mount Sinai Torah is called “The Seven Laws of Noah” (click here for specific details) because Noah was the ancestor of all mankind and the major precepts can be summarized in seven.

Chabad House of Japan is also committed to introducing this “Noah’s 7 Laws”, the Creator’s guidelines for good living for non-Jews, to the people of Japan. The good way of life shown by the Creator is eternally and unchangeably in front of us, and the world is entrusted to each one of us, based on our own free will, how to live a good life in the position given to us by the Creator. Judaism believes that the world can be repaired by doing good deeds, let’s repair the world together!