Vayeshev: Everything Is for Good

Vayeshev: Everything Is for Good

In our Torah portion, Vayeshev, we can see how divine Providence plays a key role in our lives and the course of the world. Before Joseph reached his brothers, they conspired against him and planned to kill him (Genesis 37:18). Although their intentions were not expected, the brothers’ actions ultimately led to Joseph’s ascent to power and the survival of Jacob’s entire family. Joseph’s journey to be king over Egypt serves as a vivid illustration that, whether we perceive it or not, every event in our lives is orchestrated by God for our ultimate benefit. This is true for the individual and for society as a whole.

Therefore, harboring anger towards those who seem to cause us harm is both unwise and counterproductive. While those who try to harm us may be accountable for punishment for their actions, they cannot inflict anything upon us that is not within God’s will.

Another example can be seen in the case of Judah, who gave the name Peretz to Tamar’s firstborn (Genesis 38:29). The Mosciach comes from Judah and Tamar’s son, Peretz. As the soul of Moshiach prepared to enter the world, the forces of evil contended that the equilibrium was on the brink of shifting against them. Therefore, the birth of this soul was in a manner that the forces of evil agreed to it. Just as in military strategy, where an army might feign retreat to lure the enemy into a vulnerable position, the birth of Moshiach was a seemingly apparent transgression, but actually, it was not a transgression, just misleading the evil.

Nowadays, the most evil forces on earth aim to harm the Jewish people. But just as in the case of Josef and Judah, only good will rise from this evil eruption. The ultimate good of redemption, by King Moshiach In this redemption, the righteous will survive, meaning those who accepted upon themselves the seven Noahide commandments and the people of Israel.

*This is from a series of articles by Rabbi Bernstein Moshe.

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