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Shabbaton Lake Yamanaka 5771 Chabad Tokyo

Shabbaton Lake Yamanaka 5771 Chabad Tokyo

Shabbaton Chabad Japan5771

ShabbatonPreparations Chabad Tokyo


This past Shabbat, Chabad House organized a Shabbaton near Mount Fuji. It was a fantastic success! All the guests stayed in bungalows in the woods near LakeYamanaka. The scenery was breathtaking. The meals and prayers were held in a big cabin lodge. The Dining Hall was like Noah’s Ark, since it was raining outside and inside everyone was having a great time talking, singing Shabbat songs, storytelling and just enjoying being together for a whole Shabbat.

The biggest surprise and best part of the Shabbaton was the Bar Mitzvah of Noa! A double Mazal tov to you, for going up to the Torah, on your special day! May you be a source of blessing and happiness to your whole family. After Shabbat we had a BBQ. It was great to get together as a group in such a warm, welcoming and inspirational atmosphere. One guest who came all the way from Osaka said, that the Shabbaton gave him so much strength and recharged him with such inner happiness! A huge thank you to Rabbi Edery for his tireless efforts and dedication, above and beyond and for constantly thinking and creating opportunities for people to get together, unite and impact their lives for the better.

Join us for the Moshiach Meal

Join us for the Moshiach Meal

Chabad Japan

This coming Tuesday, April 6, at 4:00 pm, at Chabad Tokyo.

What is the meal of moshiach?

Passover has two parts. The “first days” with its seders and its reliving of history, and the “final days” with its messianic themes — days that herald the divine goodness and perfection which, the prophets promise us, is the end-goal of creation and the fulfillment of our present-day lives.
There is a Chassidic custom, instituted by the Baal Shem Tov and further developed by the Rebbes of Chabad, to conduct a “mirror-seder” in the closing hours of the last day of Passover, complete with matzah and four cups of wine. These are hours, say the Chassidic masters, when time relinquishes its last hold upon our lives; when the future, too, can be remembered, and the Era of Moshiach tasted and digested!
The Lubavitcher Rebbe encourages men, women and children to partake.
Partaking in the Feast of Moshiach hastens the coming of Moshiach, may it be NOW!

Pinchas Eliyahu’s first visit to the Cheder

Pinchas Eliyahu’s first visit to the Cheder

Last week, Rabbi Binyomin Edery took Chaya Mushka and Pinchas to N.Y, for Pinchas Eliyahu’s first Cheder visit. It was very special and moving occasion.
The children were pleasantly surprised to see so many Jewish people and so much kosher food.
Hachnasa Lacheder, is the first day that the father brings his son to study Torah at the Cheder- Jewish school.
It is a very holy and special tradition that was done more that two thousand years ago, and brought down in holy books by many Tzadikim, holy people.
On this day, the father wraps the child in a Talit, prayer shawl, and brings him to the Melamed- school teacher. The teacher puts the boy on his lap, puts honey on the Aleph Bet, and goes through all the Hebrew letters and vowels. Then the boy licks the honey,  to tastel how the learning of Torah is so sweet.
Honey cake is then brought and an egg, with verses from the Torah inscribed on them, and the child eats them. Candies are thrown, and refreshments are given out to the children of the class. Coins are distributed and the children put them in a Charity box.
The whole day, the parents are careful that the child should not look at unholy things. When he leaves the Cheder, he is also covered with the prayer shawl.
This practice has a very strong impact on the young child. The sages write that one who follows this tradition causes an openness of heart for the learning of the Torah in the child.
Chabad Tokyo Japan Fills with Shofar Blowing

Chabad Tokyo Japan Fills with Shofar Blowing



Throughout the month of Elul, Rabbi Binyomin Edery goes all around Tokyo, and the outskirts to blow the Shofar for people. In homes, offices, hotel lobbies, exhibitions, or just on the street, the Rabbi blows, to awaken the souls of Japan. The listeners are moved and inspired.

This week, there was an annual Gift Show in Tokyo Big Sight. Rabbi Edery met many Jewish people, some from Tokyo, and some from overseas. One of the exhibitors commented : ”to hear the shofar in Tokyo, within all the materialism, truly awakens the deepest part of you. That is when you really see that G-d is everywhere, and how much we are so connected to Him.”

May we hear the Shofar heralding the coming of the Rebbe Melech Hamoshiach NOW!

Next Sunday, September 20, make sure to take your family to hear the Shofar, at Chabad House.

In the pictures above, you can see Rabbi Edery blowing at the Gift Show.