Shavuot 5775 Chabad Japan

Shavuot 5775 Chabad Japan






Join us this Shavuot, Festival of the Giving of the Torah.

First eve. Saturday eve, May 23, evening prayers start at 7:00 pm followed by festive Holiday meal.

Sunday morning, May 24, morning prayers at 10 am.

Reading of the Ten Commandments at 11 am.

It is important for every person to hear the Ten commandments on Shavuot, even small children.

Festive Dairy Shauvot meal at noon.
Kosher dairy Ice cream and delicious Blintzes will be served.

Second Eve. Sunday eve, May 24 evening services at 7:00 pm, followed by festive Holiday meal

Monday morning, May 25, morning services at 10 am, followed by festive Holiday lunch.


3,327 Years ago, G-d gave the Torah to us on Mount Sinai. Every year on this day, the holiness and purity of this day shines again in the world.

Let join together, as we did thousands of years ago, in unity to reaccept and internalize the Torah, for Torah is our life.


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