Lag Baomer Celebration Chabad Japan 2013

Lag Baomer Celebration Chabad Japan 2013

Lag Baomer Chabad Japan Children's Parade

From noon to midnight there were constantly people coming to take part in the Lag Baomer Celebration in honor of Rabi Shimon Bar Yochai. There was great joy, delicious food, and lots of stories, and words of Torah. All the children went out on a Lag Baomer parade, in honor of the auspicious day. The children carried signs encouraging onlookers to add in good deeds and acts of kindness to bring Moshiach closer.

Lag Bamoer Chabad Japan 2013 Festive BBQ meal

Part of the participants enjoying the great company and explanations of the uniqueness of this day.

Children Dancing Lag Baomer

The children all danced together, in honor of the holy sage, they had a raffle with valuable prizes raffled off. Ice cream and Lag Baomer baggies finished off the big day with a big bang. May the merit of Rabi Shimon stand for all the people who participated.
Special thanks to Reuven Talasazan for donating the Lag Baomer Festive Meal. May you and your family be blessed with all the berachot. 

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