Hot food for Miyagi Refugees

Hot food for Miyagi Refugees

The Yakimo truck is parked in front of one of the shelters in Miyagi with the a huge line of refugees excited by the surprise. The people were extremely happy, and it was a huge success.

Rabbi Edery never ceases to amaze with his ingenious ideas to help people. He rented special trucks that prepare hot food- delicous Yakimos for the refugees in the different shelters. The people were so happy and touched by this kindness. An elderly woman started to cry when it was her turn and they told her it was for free.

The governor of Miyagi prefecture, Mr.Yoshihiro Murai, personally came to thank Rabbi Edery and Muto san for their tireless work to help the people. He bowed and said, ” I can’t thank you enough for your great kindness.”.

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