Circumcision Of Sholom DovBer At Chabad Tokyo

Circumcision Of Sholom DovBer At Chabad Tokyo

RabbiEderyand Mohel



With thanks to G-d, this week we celebrated the Circumcision of Sholom DovBer Edery.
May he grow up to Torah (Bar Mitzvha), Chuppah (marriage) and good deeds, and be a Hassid, one who fears G-d and a Torah scholar.
We would like to thank all the wonderful guests who honored us by coming, and to the Israeli Ambassador, Mr. Nissim Ben Shitrit.
A big thank you to the Mohel, Rabbi Nachman Kreiman, the ”expert mohel”, who came in from Los Angeles to do the Bris.
May G-d bless you all with all the blessings of the Torah.
May Elijah the prophet who comes to every circumcision come and give us the good news, that Moshiach is here!

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