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Lag Baomer Chabad Tokyo

Lag Baomer Chabad Tokyo




Lag Baomer Tokyo was truly a special and inspiring experience. There was a wonderful and enthusiastic group of guests. All enjoyed a fantastic BBQ, words of Torah, music, a lot of singing and dancing, making all the people happy and joyous on this auspicious day. Candles were lit in honor of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai. Surely all the prayers were answered. Rabbi Goldstien, a guest from Israel, read words from the Holy Zohar, and sang melodies from Meron, where Rabbi Shimon is buried.
Hopefully we will merit to see Rabbi Simon, and his teacher Rabbi Akiva, and all the 24,000 students, along with all the Jews who passed away, with the coming of Moshiach.
We would like to thank Shaul Ben Dayan and his family for helping out with the BBQ.
This Lag Baomer, Rabbi Edery visited the Embassy of Israel in Tokyo, and brought them the happiness of Lag Baomer. Above is the picture of Rabbi Edery and the ambassador, Mr. Nissim Shitrit.

LAG BAOMER BBQ In Chabad Tokyo

LAG BAOMER BBQ In Chabad Tokyo


You are more than welcome to joining us for the
Lag Baomer BBQ, this coming Monday evening.

When and Where?
This Monday,
May 11
at 6:00 pm
at Chabad Tokyo japan
1-25-18 Sanno
Ota-ku, Tokyo

Tuesday, May 12, Field Trip for children in honor of Lag Baomer
Fun! Adventurous! Meaningful!
To join, please email in advance to

[email protected]

What is Lag Baomer?
Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai’s Yortzeit
Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai was a great sage who lived around 2,000 years ago.
He wrote the Zohar which is the most basic and fundamental book of the esoteric explanation of the Torah. The G-dly revelations that Rabbi Shimon revealed during his lifetime were so huge that they impact all generations until today. This day is the climax of the holy work of Rabbi Shimon and it is the reason for the great celebrations worldwide. Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai asked that his day of passing be celebrated and promised blessing and much goodness to one who celebrates on this day.

On this day the students of Rabbi Akiva stopped passing away from a plague.

Rabbi on Call 24/7

Rabbi on Call 24/7

BikurCholim ChabadOfJapan

Visiting the sick is one of the greatest good deeds, one receives reward in this world, physically and in the next. (morning prayers)

When a person is not well, it is very difficult to function properly. It is even more difficult when one becomes ill in a foreign country, not knowing anyone.
This week, Rabbi Binyomin Edery got a call regarding a tourist who was hospitalized in Nagano. He drove right away for 3 hours, arrived at the hospital, and found the Jewish patient and his wife. The husband had a stroke, and was not conscious.
The wife was so relieved that the Rabbi came, she could finally talk to someone who understands her, and can also communicate her concerns and important information to the doctors. She felt revived and her morale was so much better, after the Rabbi prayed for her husband, said Psalms, and did not leave her husbands bedside. It made such a difference. She later said:” for me it was an angel, who gave me so much support at this difficult time. I believe that in the merit of the prayers he will wake up.”‘
Later on during the week, Rabbi Edery, drove back and forth to Tokyo, to bring more guests, including the Edery family, to pray and strengthen the family. The wife was so touched by the concern and brotherly love expressed to her and her husband.
The Talmud says that when one visits a sick person it takes away 1/60 of the illness.
The doctors are satisfied with the progress and are optimistic about his recuperation.
In the meantime if you can say a prayer for his speedy recovery, his full name is Uriel son of Chanah.
His chapter in Psalms is 65.
We are sure that with Hashem’s help Uriel will definitely recover, speedily, in this month of Iyar- healing.

Kids In Action!

Kids In Action!




Often when people come to Tokyo and see the Edery children they ask :”How do you succeed in educating children in the ways of the Torah in Japan, so far away? This is such a sacrifice for you.”
Rabbi Edery beaming, answers ” This is no sacrifice! This is a privilege. Where can you find such a great education where a child has a hands on Jewish learning experience all the time! When children (and adults) are so busy doing the right thing, they stay on the right path and are not influenced by the outside spiritually negative winds.

From a very young age the children know that the house is open to everybody, and they do their utmost to make people feel happy and welcomed. They are a huge help on a day to day basis, helping out in the Chabad House, cooking, baking bread, cleaning, and taking guests from the station and bringing them to the Chabad House.

They escort Rabbi Edery on many of his trips to bring the happiness of Judaism everywhere. From helping with the lulav and Esrog in the Succa Mobile, to putting on Tefillin on people, to giving out Purim food gifts, to menorahs and doughnuts on Chanuka, to giving out cards with the 7 Noahide laws, to sending kosher food packages, to explaining to local Japanese kids what being Jewish is all about.
It is fascinating to see them ”at work”. People react very warmly and are pleasantly surprised.

Moshiach (8), who is the oldest of the Edery kids once asked a Jewish man, if he would like to put on Tefillin to which he replied:” Sorry I’m in a rush I haven’t go time”. Then the man started talking with Rabbi Edery. At that moment, Moshiach turned to the man, and with a big ”I got you” smile said, ” well if you have time to talk, you have time to put on Tefillin” and with that he got right to his job.

When the children do things, their sincerity is so strong that it overcomes all obstacles and helps people do more good. It is for this very reason that the Rebbe refers to the children as ”The Army of Hashem” (G-d’s army).
It will be the kinderlach who will make Moshiach come!

Far East Chabad Shluchim Conference

Far East Chabad Shluchim Conference



This week Rabbi Edery traveled to New Delhi, India to join the Chabad of the Far East Annual Shluchim Conference. Rabbis from 14 cities all over India, Rabbis from Australia, the Phillipines, and Sri Lanka joined together as one. The excitement and happiness to see and strengthen one another was very apparent.
It was amazing to see the great work that is being done on an every day basis, every emissary in his city overcoming obstacles and creating a physical and spiritual haven for every person.

Rabbi Edery spoke about 10 years since establishing the first Chabad House in Japan, and of the great miracles from day one. Prior to Japan, Rabbi Edery was sent to help with the Chabad House of Delhi, 11 years ago for 6 months. That was a great learning experience.

All the food served was prepared wholeheartedly by the wives of the emissaries who in the suffocating heat, cooked and baked for all the guests.
In some cities in India nothing can be taken for granted. Running water and electricity are not readily available. There, in these far out villages and cities located across this enormous country, they do their holy work, assisting people with their physical and spiritual needs.

The timing of the conference was very meaningful. 18 years ago, the Rebbe said ” I have done all I can to bring Moshiach, now I give it over to you. Do all that you can to bring Moshiach now.” This was the motto of the conference. In what aspects can we add and improve our work to make Moshiach come faster.
The conference ended with good resolutions and decisions.