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Mazal tov! New Mikveh in Tokyo and Kyoto

Mazal tov! New Mikveh in Tokyo and Kyoto

We have amazing news to share with you. Baruch Hashem, we are building two Mikvehs: one in Tokyo and one in Kyoto.

Mikveh in Tokyo

The Mikveh in Tokyo is located right next door to the Chabad House, in our spacious, exquisite Japanese garden. The Mikveh will be designed as a beautiful Japanese onsen.

The groundbreaking ceremony took place on Lag Baomer. This was a very moving and joyous event.

Tokyo Mikveh: digging the pit 3 meters deep.
Building the iron frame for the Mikveh. This is necessary for the strength of the concrete.
Rabbi Binyomin and Rabbi Motti Grumach check the iron frame.
The wooden frame is built to hold the cement down once it’s poured into the steel frame.

Right after Rosh Hashana we will do the concrete for the Mikveh.

Join us in this incredible project to finalize this beautiful Mikveh in Tokyo. This Mikveh will serve the local Jewish community and the many tourists that come to Japan. Take part in this great mitzvah!


Mikveh in Kyoto

The Mikveh in Kyoto is located 15 minutes from Chabad Kyoto on a sprawling 1500 sqr. meter property. It is the first-ever mikveh built in Kyoto. The Mikveh will be ready please G-d on Chanuka this year.

Recently we bought a property to build the mikveh in Kyoto.
Every day the construction staff are working hard to clear the land in preparation for the digging.
Rabbi Motti Grumach affixed a menorah on the new property.

Join us in building the FIRST mikveh in Kyoto by contributing. Your partnership is important for Yiddishkeit in Kyoto and the surrounding cities.
The cost of the construction of the Mikveh in Kyoto is $360,000.

This Mikveh will surely bring much light and holiness to all of Japan and many revealed blessings to every person who participates.


Mikveh Onsen Chabad Tokyo

Mikveh Onsen Chabad Tokyo

We would like to share amazing news: This week we started to build our Mikveh onsen.

The large property that we bought this Chanuka, has a beautiful Japanese garden with over 70 trees! Part of the garden we are using to build a Japanese style mikveh.

A mikveh is a special type of bath made of naturally occurring water, such as a spring or

rainwater. It is a Jewish practice and dates back to ancient times. Immersion in the mikvah is traditionally done for ritual purification. Every Jewish community all over the world has a mikveh.

A special gardener was hired to uproot part of the trees to be able to dig the mikveh. They were replanted around the garden to preserve the original garden landscape.  People using the mikveh will experience the beauty of the Japanese-style onsen, in a natural and serene atmosphere.

Celebrating Chabad of Japan 22nd anniversary

Celebrating Chabad of Japan 22nd anniversary

This Hanukkah eve, 22 years ago, Rabbi Edery and his wife Efrat landed in Narita airport with 40,000 Yen, in their pockets. The miracles of Hanukkah in Japan started from then.

They established the first Chabad House in Japan, organizing programs, classes, kosher slaughtering, Jewish Holidays, events, and relief for people in need. 22 years of spreading light and acts of goodness and kindness to every human being. In 2015, they established Chabad of Kyoto. 

This Hanukkah was an incredible success. Lots of guests participated in the lighting of the Menorah, and the festive holiday meals. The kids thoroughly enjoyed the fantastic fun Hanukkah activities, decorating doughnuts, making olive oil jugs from clay and listening to the story of Hanukkah in a fun, interactive way.

Face painting was a great hit, and the grand raffle with many prizes was very exciting. Many thanks to our friends at National Azabu who put up one of Chabad Japan’s big menorahs right at the entrance to the store. There were free menorah for anyone to take. 

Rabbi Edery together with his ”mitzvah crew” also went on daily ”house hopping” bringing the light and miracles of Hanukkah to many homes.