7th anniversary of Chabad Kyoto! Please join our charity campaign to increase the light in the western part of Japan!

7th anniversary of Chabad Kyoto! Please join our charity campaign to increase the light in the western part of Japan!

This Shabbat Ekev we celebrate the 7th anniversary of Chabad Kyoto.
It is the first and only Jewish synagogue in Kyoto.

Chabad Kyoto has been super active providing many services to local Jews and Japanese people, and for the many tourists that come throughout the year.

Thousands of guests have participated in Shabbat prayers and meals, joyous festivals and events, Bar Mitzvahs, Weddings, Chanuka and Purim parties, and many community celebrations.

Chabad Kyoto organize fun and educational activities for kids and Torah classes for adults and classes for Japanese on the Seven Noahide laws.

Chabad Kyoto is a home for students from overseas, for families working in Kyoto, and any person looking for community and connection. Weekly house visits and care packages are distributed on a constant basics.

We need your help, especially now with the great influx of tourists, to be able to provide our services and assistance to everyone and to further establish our community.

We have many good news that we would like to share with you, coming up on the next few weeks.
Please keep your eyes on the upcoming posts of Chabad Kyoto.

Donation to Chabad Kyoto: https://www.chabadkyoto.com/donate

About today, the 15th of Av:

Today is the 15th of Menachem Av. It is a very joyous and auspicious day. Several great events happened on this day.
1- People who sinned in the sin of the spies in the desert, were destined to die and not enter the Holy land. On this day, the people stopped dying. This was a great joy to all.

2- On this day young Jewish men would go out and choose a righteous woman to marry. The women would purposely all wear similar clothing to emphasize that what is important is the good character of the person and not the outside. The marriages were a great joy to all.

3- Around the time of the destruction of the Second Temple of Jerusalem, the Roman emperor, cruelly killed out all the Jewish people in the city of Beitar, which was a stronghold of Jewish fighters. Not only did he mercilessly kill them, he did not allow them to be buried, the men, women and children. Fourteen years later, on this day, the Jews were allowed to bury them which was a great comfort. A blessing was added in the Grace after meal, which we say to this day.

The opening of Chabad Kyoto 7 years ago. Installation of Mezuzah.

Rabbi Moti & Rabbanit Libi Grumach of Chabad Kyoto and their children, currently in their 5th year of the administration, in front of full of Sakura blossoms near Chabad Kyoto.

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