Yamato Damashi T-shirts

Yamato Damashi T-shirts

One of the members of Chabad house of Japan, who lived in Japan for many years, heard about the Rabbi’s relief activities. Rabbi Edery asked him to join the efforts to help. This friend designs and makes clothes and sells in his shops and online. He packed very large amounts of his brand clothes and brought it up to Tohoku to distribute together with Rabbi Edery.

He decided to make T-shirts for the people there, with a message of hope for the future. On the front of the T-shirt it said: ‘’Strong Spirits Rebuild Japan’’. On the back of the T-shirt it said: Save Electric, Save Gasoline, Save Water, help each other with Yamato Damashi’’. (Because of the nuclear plant in Fukushima that broke and was endangering people with radiation, the idea was that with the strong Japanese spirit we can overcome all difficulties).

These T-shirts were a big hit and were worn  by all the people at events. It gave a feeling of solidarity and unity that ‘’together we will overcome this Tsunami’s destruction.’’.

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