Studying Marriage laws for Noahides

Studying Marriage laws for Noahides

“It is not good for the man to be alone; I will make a fitting helper for him.” (Genesis 2:18) The verse is spoken by G-d, and it highlights the need for marital partnership for life. This verse is part of the creation narrative in the book of Genesis, describing the origin of humanity and the creation of the first human, Adam. The verse reflects G-d’s design for humanity and involves connection and relationships between a male and female as they were created by G-d. This is an essential theme within the Noahide code.

The institution of marriage has undoubtedly undergone some pressure due to various trends in Western society. This has challenged the traditional nuclear family model often associated with marriage. But despite this, we see a strengthening in the traditional concept of marriage. Non-traditional family structures, such as single-parent families and families with same-sex couples, have proven to be unstable and most importantly they are against the command of G-d in the 7 Noahide laws.

This might begin by reinforcing the importance of the Noahide laws as a foundation for marital proper behavior. It would emphasize that seeking a partner who also values these principles can contribute to a strong and lasting marriage. The family and community play a role in Noahide relationships. An individual or a community leader should learn about the significance of pre-marital counseling or education to address potential challenges, align expectations, and establish a solid foundation for marriage.

How does this issue of marriage apply to modern-day Noahides?
The prohibition against adultery is considered one of the seven Noahide laws, as it falls under the broader category of maintaining moral behavior. Therefore, Noahides are expected to study and be aware of all the details of this issue as part of the Noahide laws.
These prohibitions against adultery and the severe penalties associated with them highlight the importance of maintaining the sanctity of marriage and fidelity within the family. The Torah places a strong emphasis on moral behavior, and these laws are intended to guide in living righteous lives according to G-d’s as expressed by the 7 Noahide commandments.

*This is from a series of articles by Rabbi Bernstein Moshe.

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